13 Best Android Apps For Youtubers To Grow Their Channel

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Are you searching for Best Android Apps For Youtubers ? You are at the right place there are some amazing android apps available on Play store which helps you in become efficient YouTuber.

If you are a youtuber, you will be well aware that we need a PC and a laptop to give quality content to our audiences. But you also have to believe that we do not always have PC. In this case, our smartphone also is not less than a PC.

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We can download some good quality apps in the smartphone and produce quality content on our YouTube channel. Which will definitely help us to grow our channel in less time. So, today i am going to share 13 Best Android Apps For Youtubers which will help you in growing your channel.


13 Best Android Apps For Youtubers:

Youtube is the second largest search engine available on internet where millions of searchers are coming daily to find the solution of their problems. Day by Day youtube audience are growing because most of the people in the world like to watch videos than reading a content.


(13.) YouTube Creator Studio App

Image result for Youtube Creator Studio

The first app on our list is YouTube creator studio made by google. This apps allows you to manage your YouTube channel directly from your smartphone. This app provides you almost every feature what you get on Pc browser. If you are a youtuber and you usee youtube official app to manage your channel then checkout this awesome creator studio app which will make your your task lot easier and a way faster.

Here’s what you can do on this app:

  • You can monitor your youtube channel and check all your video stats.
  • You can respond to all the comments on your YouTube video.
  • You will get proper notification when something important happens
  • You can edit video Title, Description, Tags and change thumbnail of your youtube video.
  • Manage playlists.
  • Check earning of your youTube channel.
  • No doubt it is one of the Best Apps For YouTube Channel.


(12.) Audio Recorder

audio recorder

Next apps for YouTubers is Audio recorder app made by Sony. If you are a content creator then I do not think you need to explain that  how much matter audio quality matters in our video. Most of the phone do not have a audio recorder app. Even if they do, most of them have awful audio quality, despite having a good set of microphones. This audio recorder app will give you impressive audio quality. Here you will get intuitive recording interface gives you easy access to record, pause, audio editing, recording settings and other functions.

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(11.) Google Keep

Image result for google keep

Most of the time If you are a creator then you need to write a script for Voiceover on the video , this app will help you to write your video’s scripts and points. Now there are many note taking apps available on PlayStore but i personally prefer this app due to its minimal and super simple interface. This is also connected to my google account so i can easily access my notes anywhere anytime. This can not be only used for writing script. Suppose you get some good ideas about a YouTube video then you can easily write your thought and ideas on Google keep. It will definitely increase your efficiency in creating good quality contents.


(10.) Adobe Premiere Clip

Related image

The next apps for Youtubers is Adobe premiere clip. It is like a smaller brother of Adobe premiere pro which is available for windows on Pc computer. . It has features like trimming, filters, option to add music, video transitions, and a few more. Now you can’t compare this adobe premiere pro because that is a paid software and only available for Pc. But this is till best video editing app for Youtube which helps you in creating a good video for your youtube channel.

Here’s what you can do on this app:

  • Fast video creation + extremely good results
  • Videos are made such that they are in sync with music
  • Works along with Lightroom and Capture CC
  • Allows sharing
  • Powerful and Professional editing features.


(9.) Tag You

Tag You

If you want to grow your YouTube channel then you should definitely know the importance of SEO (Search engine optimization). If you will not optimize your video for search engine friendly then it will not rank on YouTube search. So, if you want to rank your video in YouTube search page then Tag you will helps in finding some good keywords for your YouTube video. This will some some best tags for your video which you can use while uploading your YouTube video.


(8.) Google AdSense App:

Google Adsense

This app is used by every Youtuber to check the Clicks and impression on their video. As you are a youtuber then you are must have aware of importance of Adsense app. Moreover, Adsense is a free and simple way to earn money by placing ads on the online content. This app will helps you in checking your stats, reporting and earnings of your youtube channel.


(7.) Legend

Image result for legend app

Well do you know how intro and Outro is important for your YouTube video. Because intro is something which your audience will see firstly in your video. So, a good intro will give a good impression on audience. If you don’t have a good experience in video editing then it can be off work for you to make a good intro and Outro. Legend app is one of the best app to make intro and outro for youtube video without any video editing skill. You just have to type the text and it will convert simple text into awesome animations.

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(6.) Snapseed

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 As we all know, social media is not small thing In today’s time, almost all people spend more than half of their free time on Facebook and instagram. In such a situation, posting a good picture is important for the increasing your social media game. Snapseed comes with a lot of features that help you make your selfie even better. This application is favourite to million of users due to its simple & minimal user interface, because in the application there is not too many un usefull options like other photo editing app. Snapseed have some limited and useful features which attract all the social media users to edit their photo through this app.


(5.) Filmmaker

Image result for filmmaker app

Next in the list of best android apps for youtubers is Filmmakers. This is one of the best video editing app for YouTube & movie maker with filters, and animation vfx effects. You don’t need any good knowledge of video editing to use this app. You can produces a good video through this app.


(4.) Thumbnail Maker:

Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker

If you are a YouTuber then you are definitely knowing that how thumbnail is important to get more views on youtube video. Because thumbnail is first thing of any video which any people see. If you don’t have a good thumbnail for your video then it will not increase click through rate (People who will clicks on your video) on your video. A good thumbnail gives a nice impression to audience for clicking on that video. If you make a good catchy thumbnail then it will increase 90% chances that people will click on your video and if content is good then they will watch till the end. Thumbnail Maker & Banner Maker is an app which comes very handy for making thumbnails and banner for youtube videos. This has all the basic features or tool to create a eye catching thumbnail for your youTube Videos.


(3.) AZ Screen Recorder

Image result for az screen recorder

AZ screen recorder is the best screen recorder app available for any android device. I personally use this screen recorder from past 1 year to record screen of my smartphone. I will recommend to you guys to use this App This will you to record your Android smartphone screen in Hd or full HD quality. This allows you to play and pause the recording while recording your phone screen. If you upload screen recording video on your youtube channel then this can be best screen recorder app for you.


(2.) YouTube Gaming

Related image

Next in the list of best android apps for YouTubers is ‘YouTube gaming’. If you are a gamer and you make game plays video then this one is perfect application for you. YouTube game is officially made by YouTube for those creators who make gameplay video. You can use it for streaming or watching gaming videos with live chat.


(1.) Canva

Related image

Canva has gained so much popularity in past 1 years. You can use this tool for making posters, banners, cards, graphic design, and much much more. I am using Canva from past 6 months and i am really impressed with this android app. Graphic designing is something which is also important for YouTube if you want to grow your YouTube Audience. This tool is amazing and this will do all your work related to graphic design. If you wan to increase your social media fans following then i will definitely Recommend to use this app. It is one of the best Apps For YouTube Channel.

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So, Friends this was the list of 13 Best Android Apps For YouTubers. If you are a YouTuber then i will also recommend you to install all these apps on your android phone to increase your productivity. If you have any question or queries related to this article then comment down below. Please share this article on Facebook & Twitter.