Fix : Memu stuck at 99% – Working Trick

Memu stuck at 99%

in this article we are going to share solution for all the Memu PLayer issues including Memu stuck at 99.

There are many emulator available on internet which can be used to run android application on Windows computer. Memu is one of the most popular among them.

It is far better than other that’s why peoples are liking this emulator. But as you may know every emulator has some issues while installing or using. On meum most of the user faced Memu stuck at 99% error. So, today i am here to solve all the issues related to memu player.

Fix : Memu stuck at 99%

  • Memu stuck at 99 issue is mainly found when you install two many apps and games on your emulator or your hardware virtualization is not enabled or your computer / laptop hardware specs is too low.

Solution : Restart your emulator and simply wait a bit longer, Try to enable VT or upgrade your machine]

  • Or Windows OS crash or power failure make some data file in MEmu VM broken.

Solution : Close Memu VM and restart it again or you can create new MEmu VM with Multi-MEmu]

  • Or your computer or laptop graphic card is outdated.

Solution : Update your graphic card.

In this way you can solve memu stuck at 99 percent issue.

Fix : Memu Failed to start at the beginning

Memu stuck at 99 percent

Solution : If you are using an old version of windows like windows Xp or 7, then the best solution is to upgrade your windows because windows XP is not supported with Memu Player.On windows XP there are some library files missing that’s why Memu Failed to start.

When your Memu Player is crashed and you have already rebooted your computer or Laptop but still memu failed to start then the best solution is to install a new MEmu with Multi-MEmu.

Fix : Stuck at 59% loading page

Memu stuck at 99 percent

Solution : I found the perfect solution for Memu stuck at 59 percent, You can simply upgrade your graphic card in order to use Memu Player. If your graphic official website is not helping you then 3DP Chip tool is another option.

You need to disable Disable hardware-assisted virtualization. Open your Antivirus->TroubleShoot->Uncheck hardware-assisted virtualization-> Reboot.

Fix : Memu Stuck at 100% loading page

Memu stuck at 99 percent

This issue is mainly found because your antivirus Kaspersky blocks Android boot-up.

Solution : The simple solution of this issue is just disable Kaspersky or create a new MEmu VM with Multi-MEmu ]

Fix :Memu Stuck at Android Home with a popup of “MEmu is starting”

Solution : All you have to do is click on windows button on keyboard 
Open Run -> Type netsh Winsock reset -> Hit enter. Reboot your computer and you won’t be facing “MEmu is starting”

Conclusion :

Friends, this was all the Solution for fixing Memu emulator issue. I have found most of the users face Memu stuck at 99% issue. You can try all these solution and solve all your memu issues. If you find this article helpful then please Share this article on facebook and Whatsapp. If you have another solution then please share with us.

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