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Google Full Form : Do You Know Full Form Of Google?

Google full form

My dear friends you are using internet and google from a long time but do you know Full Form Of Google? I know you have searched for “Google Full Form” many times on internet but you didn’t get the right answer.

If there were any questions in our mind about 10 to 20 years ago, then we search answers in book. But these days internet has made our life very easy. In today’s time, if we have to know the meaning of any word, then we do google. In today’s time, we upload all the information what we knows on internet and that information helps another person on internet.

In today’s time, it is very easy to search on the internet. You can search for whatever you need, and you get correct answer. But it was not so easy at first, when we searched for many times, we get the correct information.

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And This problem has been solved by Google search engine. Where we get the correct answers of our questions. We’ve been using this search engine for years, but do you know the full form of google? Do you know what “Google” means?


Google Full Form : Do You Know Full Form Of Google?

I have heard a lot of people asking for the answers to this question, and perhaps you have come here to know the answer to this question. But it’s a little strange that Google has no official full form which Google uses.

Google word has been composed from a mathematical word that is “Googol” Googol means 1 with 100 Zero and whenever you search for a query on Google Search Engine, Goooooooooooogle comes down by typing. This means 100 Zero Include in Google Word. But still some people always ask you the full form of every word or sometimes you get this question in exam also so here is the answer you can write in exam or interviews :

Google Full Form:

G: Global

O: Organization

O: Of Oriented

G: Group

L: Language Of

E: Earth


Other Full forms of famous words :

Like many other Google brands, There are some also some popular brands whose full forms you should know :

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AMUL Full Form:

Amul is Famous India Dairy Product Manufacturing Company. Perhaps no one can guess by its name that it will also have full form.

A: Anand

M: Milk

U: Union

L: Limited


IBM Full Form:

I: International

B: Business

M: Machine


BMW Full Form:

B: Bayerische

M: Motoren

W: Werke


HDFC Bank Full Form:

H: Housing

D: Development

F: Finance

C: Corporation


KFC Full form:

K: Kentucky

F: Fried

C: Chicken


HP Full Form:

HP is a famous brand who makes laptop and computer parts buy do you know Hp Full form?

H: Hewlett

P: Packard


IMDB Full Form:

IMDB Amazon Inc. Is the product which is the world’s most famous Movies Review & Rating Website. Here you will find information about every single movie in the world.

I: Internet

M: Movies

DB: Database


Friends, these are the names of such companies and their full form which is very famous in India and abroad and you often keep listening their names.  Google Full Form has been asked many times in interview, and sometimes the Interviewer asks Shoes, Car, Bike, Computer Company, according to its interest, if you know that BMW, Adidas, HP etc. If you have a full name of company name you can reply quickly.

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