How to Increase Download Speed in Chrome – 100% WORKING

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How to Increase Download Speed in Chrome - 100% WORKING

If you are using google chrome from a long time then you have probably noticed that Google chrome downloads any file,Music or Movies very slow. I believe you have definitely searched for How to Increase Download Speed in Chrome? , how to increase download speed in google chrome? or how to make chrome download faster? But you have not the real solution for your problem. In this article i am going to share with you the real solution for Google chrome slow downloading speed.

As we all know Google chrome is most popular browser for Android/Windows and Mac. It is used on the internet to browse any website, blog etc. and search on Google. Maximum number of internet users use this browser.

With the help of internet we can download any types of Video file, music file, image or any type of document file from any corner of the world. You need a good stable internet connection for downloading any file.

If you are getting the maximum internet speed by Your Internet service Provider. Then it is good. But if you are facing speed issues then to overcome speed problem, Then you should follow some basic adjustments to increase download speed.



Gys here i am going to share some basic things which you need to follow. Sometimes you do not take care of these basic things, so you get slow downloading speed. So you just follow all the points given below and you will defintely increase downloading speed of google chrome.


1. Disable Unnecessary Extensions

Friends, if you have installed lots of extensions in the Chrome browser, then it can also cause slow browsing speed and slow downloading speed. Because whenever you open any page on the Internet, it first checks all the installed chrome extension, due to which we get slow browsing and downloading speed. I would advise you to remove all the unnecessary extensions.

Screenshot (198)

How To Disable Unnecessary Chrome Extensions?

Click On three dot Menu appeAring on top right corner. Go to More Tool and select Extensions from there. Now there you will get list of all the extension installed on your chrome browser. For removing any chrome extension just tap on Remove button.

2. Update Your Existing Google Chrome

If you are using old Google chrome browser then you should immediately update your browser. In every update they gives New feature and boost performance with latest Support for additional features. If you want to good proper downloading speed then you should always update your chrome browser time to time.

How to check for Update?

Click On three dot Menu appearing on top right corner. Go to Help and tap on About Google Chrome and there you can check your chrome browser is up to date or Not. If any updates is available then you should update your browser.

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3. Delete Old Cache and Browsing History Web Data

You all may have noticed that when you first installed Google Chrome browser in your computer and at the time you were getting the speed, it would have been gradually decreasing along with time. It’s all because of your old browsing data and history that is stored in your cache and Cookies thus leading to a slow speed. Therefor you should keep cleaning your browser cache and cookies time to time. Read about |  337 unblock : 1337x Unblocked & Mirror Sites List

Screenshot (197)

How to delete old Browsing web data, Cache and Cookies?

Click On three dot Menu appearing on top right corner. Go to Settings and now scroll down and go to Advance section and Tap on Clear browsing Data. As shown in the image you can delete cookies, web history or cache from here.


4. Delete Temporary Internet Files

Deleting Old temporary Internet files will also helps you in increasing downloading speed of chrome. Read the step by step Guide to Delete temporary Files.

How to Delete Temporary Files?

  • First of all go to Start menu and Run command Box.
  • Type %temp% as shown below in the Image.
  • Now there you will see a Temp Folder there.
  • Delete all the Files Permanently from the Temp Folder by Selecting all the Files and then Pressing SHIFT + DELETE on your Keyboard for windows users.


5.Predict network actions :

Click On three dot Menu appearing on top right corner. (it looks like three bars stacked on each other) on the browser toolbar, Tap on “Setting” and then and go to Advance section. Now click on the box labelled “Predict network actions to improve page load performance.”


6. Parallel downloading

Type this on chrome’s search bar:


Search for “download

Set Parallel downloading to Enabled

Relaunch and see if there’s any difference.


7. Use IDM to Increase Download Speed

How to make chrome download faster :- [IDM] Internet Download Manager is a popular download manager. This is a Shareware Download Manager. This is available only for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Many people says that IDM is Faster downloader available on internet.  This offers Save, Resume, Schedule all kinds of facilities.

How to Increase Download Speed in Chrome - 100% WORKING


You can simply download and install idm into your computer and can start downloading any file through IDM. Read also :-  how to add idm extension in chrome You can also download the video of YouTube with the Help of IDM.


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Conclusion :

Friends this was the Basic guide on How to Increase Download Speed in Chrome? , how to increase download speed in google chrome? I hope it will solve your slow downloading speed problem. If you face any problems then tell us through comment. If you Find this guide helpful then please share this guide with your friends on Facebook and Whatsapp.